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"Unveiling the Story of Hanish Muthurathinam Paraman: A Passionate Journey through Entrepreneurship and Innovation"

Updated: May 6

PHOTOGRAPHY, GRAPHIC, ANIMATION, WEBD ESIGN etc.........Graphic design is a big part of the art world. Graphic design is used as an outlet to advertising all over the world. From logos to murals, graphic design is there to spread a message. There are many different categories of graphic design: Editorial design, web design, Photography, illustration, 3D design and corporative design. Each type or category obviously focuses on a different element of graphic design overall Web design happens to be the most popular aspect of graphic design. Most graphic design aspects are conceptualized on the computer, therefore, web design would be the most popular genre of graphic design. There are many different styles of web design. Some of the most popular styles include art deco, digital grunge, Victorian and early modern. The art deco styles mostly include dynamic shapes, motion lines and grainy looks. Most common items that hold the art deco vibe are comic books. The digital grunge look is actually the most recent in design evolutions. It's known for its distressed textures and sharp edges, most common with concert posters.

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